Village of Ellenville

The village of Ellenville, NY has plenty of great offerings for vacationers and residents throughout the year. This small village has a long and interesting history as well. In fact, one of the first roads in the United States ran through the area that is now Ellenville.

Alpheus Fairchild was the first person to build in the area of the village, putting up the first building in 1798. However, the Bodley Home was in the area just to the east of the village since before the American Revolution. The first name for the village was Fairchild City, named after Alpheus. The site of Alpheus's first building in the village is located where the George and John R. Hunt Memorial Building is today.

The first home was later turned into an inn by Maria and Nathan Hoornbeek, and the inn and tavern was quite popular among locals as a place to gather. It was at this inn, the Hoornbeek Tavern, where the village came up with the new name for the town. They decided that they would name the village after Maria's sister Ellen. Thus, the town gained its current moniker of Ellenville.

Over the years, stores opened in the village, more people came to live there, and it grew thanks to the D&H Canal and later the railroad. Many of the buildings that are still standing in the village of Ellenville are listed on the National Historic Register of Places, including the post office.

Today, the village of Ellenville is a peaceful place to live and visit. It is an idyllic place with a small town atmosphere, and it is only a couple of hours from large cities such as New York and Albany. If you are traveling to Ulster County or you are considering a move, do not overlook the lovely little village.

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