Downtown Ellenville

Visiting Downtown Ellenville Shops and Eateries

If you are visiting Ellenville, or if you are living in the area, you will want to visit the downtown area from time to time. The area of downtown Ellenville has a number of great places to shop and dine. You can find some great things to see and do in the downtown area of this small village as well.

If you are looking for some necessities, you will be able to shop at one of the local grocery stores or pharmacies such as Matthew's Pharmacy. You can have an ice cream or a coffee and pick up a few sundries at the local Stewart's Shop. The downtown area also has a flower shop, a health food store, and the Dollar General. You will also find banks, bakeries, healthcare clinics, and a host of other places to visit for any need that you might have

You can also discover things to do in the downtown area besides just shopping. Spend some time at the Shadowland Theater or visit some of the historic buildings and sites in Ellenville.

If you are searching for a place to eat, the downtown area has many options. You can dine at the Aroma Thyme Bistro or Gaby's Café, both of which are located in downtown Ellenville.

If you want to live in or near the downtown Ellenville area, you will need to contact a local real estate agent. The agent should have information about the downtown area as well as any other areas that might interest you.

You will always be able to find everything you need in Ellenville, and you will find that much of it is located in downtown. Residents will find many of the necessities here, and visitors should stop by to see everything the town has to offer.