Ellenville Town of Wawarsing

The beautiful scenery outside of Ellenville, New York.
Town of Wawarsing

Wawarsing, New York is a town located in Ulster County, whose name means "the place where the river bends". It is located in the western portion of the county. The population of the town is around 13000 people, and a number of different communities make up the town. Some of the communities included in the town are East Wawarsing, Ellenville, Cragsmoor, Dairyland, Greenfield Park, Kerkhonksen, Pine Bush, and The Cape.

Each of the different communities in the town has their own special flavor, and all of them can make wonderful places to live. They have the small town atmosphere that so many people crave, yet they are only a short drive from major cities. The people in the hamlets and villages of Wawarsing are friendly and open, and visitors will feel welcome there.

Those who love the great outdoors will enjoy a visit to the town and the communities it holds. They will be able to find plenty of great spots to go fishing and hiking, and they can even go hunting in the fall. The towns have some great places to dine, where you will be able to enjoy country cooking at its finest. You may also want to visit some of the local museums to learn more about the history of the area, from the Europeans who settles there to the Native people who were there much earlier.

People who are considering moving to the town will find that all of the communities are wonderful places in which to raise a family. They will be able to enjoy the peace of the upstate lifestyle while still sending their children to great schools. You will feel at home in the community almost as soon as you move into it!

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