Ellenville Shadowland Theater

The Shadowland Theater in Ellenville, New York.
Quality Entertainment at the Shadowland Theater in Ellenville, NY

If you want to find some great entertainment in Ellenville, all you have to do is look at the downtown area. One of the most popular features of the town is the Shadowland Theater, and it's been a popular part of the community for many years. This season marks the 26th year that it has offered live entertainment to the locals and visitors in Ellenville. It opened as a movie house in 1920.

It is located at 157 Canal Street, and if you want to see a great show, this is the place to go. Forget heading into New York City to see a play – you will have the best entertainment right in Ellenville!

The Shadowland Theater offers plays from many popular playwrights. Some of the shows they've offered in the past include Yankee Tavern, Red Herring, and currently Marlowe, based on the work of Raymond Chandler.

The Shadowland Theater has 148 seats, and a stage that is semi-thrust into the audience seating area. All of the seats are within 25 feet of the stage, and this means that there isn't a bad seat in the house. You will often see some famous actors as well as some up and comers performing at the theater.

Today, the theater also offers Saturday Matinees, harkening back to the days when it was a movie house. They feature classic movies, including Sherlock Holmes films starring Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce. It's a great way to step back in time for a few hours.

The village of Ellenville is a great place to catch a show. You can also find some great places to grab a bite to eat here. Take that special someone to dinner and a show in Ellenville. He or she is sure to have a great time!

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