Ellenville Personal Service

Find a spa or a salon in Ellenville, New York.
Find the Personal Ellenville Services You Need

Are you looking for a place to wash your car, or perhaps have your suit pressed? Is it time that you relax and spend a day at the salon? No matter what you need, Ellenville, NY has it available!

If you need to wash your car and you do not want to do it at home, you have some very good options for Ellenville car washes. You can take your car to the Ellenville Car Wash, which is located at 13 N. Main Street, or the Auto Detail Car Wash, which is located at 15 Canal Street.

When you feel the need to pamper yourself, you will want to visit one of the Ellenville salons. You have some great choices in the town. Consider visiting Visions, which is found at 102 Center Street. You could also visit the Lady Kathryn Beauty Salon, found at 65 Canal Street. Another great option is the Essence of Beauty. The Essence of Beauty is located at 85 N. Main Street. These salons offer a number of different beauty treatments. Before you visit the salons, you may want to give them a call and make an appointment.

Those who are looking for great Ellenville dry cleaners will find several good options, two of which are located right in the downtown area. The Village Cleaners are found at 174 Canal Street, and Colorworks Inc. is located at 161 Canal Street. You will also be able to use Spin City Laundry, which is located at 110 Shoprite Blvd, off Route 209 and close to the airport.

Many other types of businesses that offer personal services are located throughout the village of Ellenville and the surrounding area. Whether you are visiting or you live in the area, you will be able to find everything that you need.

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